Life Goals

I took my impossible “bucket list” of goals that well exceeded 150 mostly possible goals and dreams and narrowed it down to the 100 ish goals that I would like to work toward in the next 7 years. As you read this, instead of thinking, “wow, Mike is crazy, and he’ll never be able to accomplish these or do that one,” try to find one that you would like to do, or that you could help me accomplish, or that you would like to accomplish together, then let me know. For example, I’d love to have people join me to ski down the slopes of Deer Valley, or teach me how to sail, or join me to hike the Subway at Zion National Park, and of course, if you know Ken Jennings well- I expect an introduction.

Athletic/Physical Goals
Finish Alcatraz swim- be able to “comfortably”swim 40 minute mile in pool
Run Moab ½ Marathon again (March 2012)
Do a Century bike ride (100 Miles)
Run 1 Mile under 5 minutes (even if I am running downhill)
Be able to do 100 consecutive pushups
Par game at golf
Bowl over 225
Ski Deer Valley
Take a surfing class (2014 Hawaii Trip)
Get up before 6am for 1 year (80% of the time)
Climb Lone Peak
Finished Olympic Triathlon and raised $2000+ for cancer research (2008)
Finished Marathon (Oct 2011- Dublin, Ireland)
Ran Boston Ragnar Relay (May 2010)
Finished 1st Half Marathon (2007)
Ice Climb in Ouray, CO (January 2012)

Cultural/Creative Goals
Learn to play 10 songs on the guitar
Scuba dive in 3 of the top 10 places of the world
Go on a hot air balloon ride
Blog monthly for 1 year
Deep Sea Fishing (February 2012)
Go Sailing
Visit 2 of the top 100 restaurants in the world (besides Café Rio)
Write a book
Learn to play 10 hymns on the Piano
Invent a playable board game

Miscellaneous Goals
Own a Pin Ball Machine and a house that would accommodate it
Own an Island (wife thinks this is like buying a star)
Own an iPhone app
Meet Ken Jennings
Meet the Prophet
Meet the President of the United States
Meet the US Secretary of Agriculture
Be on National T.V.
Own iPad
Have a garden that gives (2008)
Beat my friend at Scrabble again (2010)

Travel/Experience Goals
Visit Costa Rica
Visit Spain
Visit Santorini Greece
Hike the Appalacian trail
Scuba Dive Great Barrier Reef
Visit Parthenon
Visit Grand Canyon again
Visit Falling Water house in Pennsylvania
Visit Iguazu Falls in Argentina
Visit Tikai National Park in Guatamala
Visit Mesa Verde NP in Colorado
See Niagara falls
Visit the Taj mahal
Visit the Pyramids
See the Northern Lights
Visit Israel and walk where Jesus walked
Hike the Subway in Zion National Park
Visit 12 Apostles (8 Rock formations in Australia)
Visit Banff National Park in Canada
Visit Hawaii (2014)
Attend Wimbledon
Attend French Open
Walk on top of the great wall of china
Go through the chunnel
Visit Cairo Citadel
Visit the Hoover Dam
Cross the Panama Canal
Go on a Book of Mormon tour of Central America
Go On African Safari
Saw Tour de France (2010)
Went to Masters (2011)
Went to US Open (2010)
Trek through Jungle on Elephant (2007?)
Saw Paris from Eiffel Tower (2010)
Visited Vatican City and Sistine Chapel (2010)
Machu Picchu (2004)
Mayan Ruins- Chichen Itza
Uffizi Gallery in Florence Italy (2010)
Cooking Class in Florence (2010)
Visit Pompeii (2010)
Visite Louvre (2010)
Visit Venice (2010)
Swim with Dolphins (2009)
Visited Disney World and their Zoo
Walked LA Walk of Fame
Went to Stonehenge (oct 2011)
Went on Helicopter ride (Courtesy of friend- Alan Bailey- Dec 2009)
Went to Comic Con (2008 or 2009)
5 additional Temples visisted in 2010- Bern, Freiburg, Frankfurt, Portland, Denver, San Antonio
Scuba Certified (2007)

Educational Goals
Write 100 Letters to my son
Take a photography class
Read 10+ Books/year
Join toastmasters for 1 year to become a better speaker
Read Steve Jobs Biography (2012)
Read Christ and the New Covenant
Read biography of Joseph Smith
Write Monthly and Yearly Life Summaries- Monthly Snapshot
Be a teacher
Get a four-year degree in accounting. (2004)
Read Autobiography of Ben Franklin (2006)

Family Goals
Memorize Living Christ
Finish Book of Mormon
Finish Doctrine and Covenants
Finish New Testament
Memorize a short chapter of scripture each month for one year
Read whole conference ensign before next conference
Own a nice house
Had a baby (Feb 2011)
Memorized Proclamation to the Family (Jan 2011)
Married in Draper Temple (2010)

3 Responses to Life Goals

  1. Josh Linton says:

    I kind of think you are crazy, but here are the things I am willing to do with you – makes setting my own goals a bit easier.
    Run Moab ½ Marathon again
    Do a Century bike ride (100 Miles)
    Par game at golf
    Ski Deer Valley – James has a free pass, I am sure he would come
    Climb Lone Peak
    Scuba dive in 3 of the top 10 places of the world
    Hike the Appalacian trail
    Scuba Dive Great Barrier Reef
    Visit Iguazu Falls in Argentina
    Hike the Subway in Zion National Park

  2. Karin says:

    Here are the things I will do with you…go thru the chunnel (we are planning to do that this August if that works with your schedule), French open, and swim 40 minutes in a pool but no salt water for me, and run Moab half :)

  3. Mike says:

    Awesome. I’ll have to check our August schedule :). We will be doing the Moab half as a family, so we’ll see you down there.

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