My 2012 Year in Review

I have a tradition at the end of the year to review my journal and write down the highlights or interesting things that we’ve done. I did that this year as well and I was grateful for my resolution to write in my journal.

Life Events
Started Liam on a strict sleep schedule January 1st that changed our lives
Main pipe broke in our downstairs, luckily avoided a flood by being home
Liam started crawling
We considered moving from this house and actively started looking but ultimately decided to stay
Liam turned one
Went Deep sea fishing in Florida and finally caught something
Found out Michelle was pregnant with a girl
Liam took his first steps after 12 months and 59 days of life
Tore up and redid front yard and put in a sprinkler system
2 years of marriage
Finished Old Testament
Emma was born
Liam started singing with us as we sang him to sleep
Emma Smiled
Christmas with family and friends

Started 2012 Healthy Lifestyle
Threw lots of junk away for a 17 day challenge
Scored 8 points in a church basketball game- first play of game I stole the ball and then air balled the layup
Wasted countless hours reading about the presidential election and Mitt Romney
Started swimming regularly
Watched the Super Bowl
Memorized the Living Christ
Personally installed a new mailbox
Saw the solar eclipse
Took Liam on his first golf outing
Began our study for the GMAT and I haven’t felt that stupid since….well forever
July 4 10K with Daija and Liam
Michelle to a timeshare presentation and then to cafe rio
Epic relay
Pitched our roof and got a new door and central air
Liam started to be able to learn any word in sign language
We were on the radio on the “Nightside Project” randomly at Costa Vida
Got a bike trailer for $35 at a garage sale
Michelle went to girls camp for a week and I kept Liam alive, and he kept me exhausted.

Went Ice Climbing in Ouray- I sucked and then didn’t
Got our first non-family babysitters and went on a date to Sapa
Built a Lego Skyscraper
Jazz game 5th row
Won closest to the hole at the golf tournament
Rock climbed Owl rock in Moab
Moab Skinny Tire 40 mile bike ride
Aquarium (10+ times) and I’m starting to learn and remember the details of each animal
Went to the Zoo (8+ times ) with Liam and Michelle
Took Liam on a walk at 6:30 am. We went barefoot and ran through the sprinklers at the park. It was super fun.
Jumped in puddles today with Liam. It was a blast.

Ate at the Shake Shack in New York
Visited the Zoo in Central Park
Ate at some amazing Afghan restaurant (NYC)
Watched Sword dancing performance and story time in Belvedere cast;e- (NYC)
Visited Palm Springs with my family
Hiked Crack Canyon and goblin valley with my dad and the scouts
Road Trip down to Lake Powell
Got sandblasted in Antelope canyon
Drove to San Diego and stayed in a beach house with some friends
Ate a Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia
Enjoyed the Philadelphia children’s museum
Visited the Constitution Center
Drove to Annapolis to visit Ashkii and Brooke.
Went to the Olympic Park in Park City

Movies/TV Shows Watched Watched
Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol- my parents baby sat
Captain America
Man on a wire
The Man who knew too little
Pushing Daisies
The Hunger GAmes
The Net
saw the avengers
the amazing spiderman
Bourne legacy
Vantage Point
Alias Season 1

Books Listened to or Read
Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer
Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
How will you measure your life by Clayton M. Christensen
Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey
Lynchpin by Seth Godin
Tribes by Seth Godin
Poke the Box by Seth Godin
CEO Communications Skills
The Power of Winning

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