A thought about our giving God

Liam woke up and I brought him into the kitchen to share my orange juice. I filled my cup half full and gave it to him and he eagerly took it and started drinking it. I asked for my cup back and he emphatically said “NO!” I laughed, and pleaded for it again and again because I was just going to drink a little and then refill the cup. He finally gave it back and I drank a little and then filled it full and gave it back to him.

I thought how much we are like that with God. He gives and we receive. He asks for a little back and foolishly we say “No!, Not right now!, Why?, Were you asking for something?, I don’t understand!, Huh?, I don’t want to!, It’s mine!,  I earned it!” and so on. If we only can open our eyes to see, our hearts to understand, and realize that God is literally a perfect father willing to give abundantly and only asks for the cup back so that he can refill it again and again for he “giveth to all men liberally“.

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