Small and Simple Moments of Happiness

Some moments just make an inexplicable impression. Those moments usually come when I am with friends or family or when I am quiet and alone and reading or thinking. I had one of those moments last Saturday when Michelle and Liam and I went on a hike up the canyon. We let Liam hike as much of it as he could. We made it about 800 yards up the 6 mile trail. We turned around and came back to the river 50 yards from the parking spot that we had left 1 hour earlier. We threw rocks in the river and talked and just enjoyed being together and watching Liam laugh as the rocks disappeared into the water making a splash. It is true we didn’t make it to the lake, but luckily, we didn’t miss the river- and sometimes we all just walk right on past the river.
So I have to admit I get a really happy feeling when Liam picks up a ball or a racquet (whether ping pong, racquetball, or tennis). Is it just a dad thing? I mean, he’s no Eli Manning or Roger Federer, yet. Okay, maybe he can’t even hold up the racquet off the ground or throw the ball past the end of his toes. None of that really makes any difference. I am still super excited to see it, maybe to the point that I leave the racquets and the balls around the house just so I can see him randomly pick them up without any¬†coercion from dad. I’ve been throwing balls to him (at him) for almost a year now, and I haven’t seen him catch one yet. The other day, in another room out of my sight Michelle randomly threw a plastic golf ball to him, I heard a screech of joy and congratulations, and then mom and son walked into the room both with big smiles. “Liam caught the ball, I threw it, he moved his hand to where the ball was going and he actually caught the ball, our son is amazing.” ¬†For the next 2 hours I threw that same ball to him and he never caught it or even moved his hand to catch it. Did I say hours? I meant minutes. Time is different with children. Maybe that is why time isn’t measured unto God, because he has a LOT of children.
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