Happiness: When mom comes home

Every morning I sneak into Liam’s room and find him standing at his crib, sucking his thumb, and then he breaks out his morning smile and I scoop him up. We then sneak out of his room and he presses his index finger to his mouth and says “Sssshhhhhhh, SShhhhh.”  On normal days we sneak up on mom and give her a hug and the smiles are big, but this  week mom is gone and so are the big morning smiles. Often as the day starts, so the day goes.

Michelle is at girls camp this whole week and I’m doing the “Mr. Mom”, no, actually I’m not doing the mom thing- only moms can do that!

I thought I was doing a great job Monday morning, but then Liam face planted on the cement and started bleeding- I checked his teeth to make sure they were still there and I monitored every movement to see any evidence of brain damage, but after I settled down all he had was a fat lip and a tiny scrape on the forehead. Often as Monday goes, so goes the week.

What better cure to a little injury than some mini ravioli prepared by Chef Boyardee. Not so. Only one of us thought it was prepared to perfection. Things just went uphill from there- I learned that Liam can climb a ladder, diapers need to be changed so that they don’t overflow, a clean house is an illusion, even thinking about preparing a meal is exhausting, Liam can watch the Olympics for 3 minutes before getting restless, if you leave the fridge open for 3 hours while going to the park everything ends up with condensation on it, it is hard to remember to put the milk away, there are never enough diaper wipes, people are generous (after forgetting a stroller, sunscreen, water and food for our zoo adventure- people came through and shared everything we needed), if your kids are really hungry they’ll bring you a spoon hoping you’ll get the message, and most of all we really really miss and need mom  to come home.

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One Response to Happiness: When mom comes home

  1. Sherrie says:

    I love, love, love this! Happy you are openly admitting it all! Mom’s really don’t get appreciated enough for all those little things (like putting the milk away and closing the fridge door!). Lee will be getting his first extended Mr. Mom experience in November. I’m secretly excited for him to get a fuller perspective of the job. Michelle will be ever-more loved when she returns!