Happiness: FHE- Family Hunting Endeavors

For a couple weeks in August my whole family got together. It was super fun. One of the highlights was catching a snake in my mom’s fish pond. I am sure every family has their unique way of accomplishing a task, and it is fun to see how children are so much like their parents in their approaches to challenges, conflict and communication. I am not saying there was necessarily conflict and communication differences during the snake hunt, I’m just saying it was super fun. The other highlight was my nephew’s lesson on how prophets prepare us for challenges. He talked about how Michael Phelps’ coach prepared Michael for unforeseen and difficult challenges (stepping on his goggles before practice swims, changing the times of practice, having him skip meals, and encouraging and helping in every way he could) so that he would be prepared for the Olympics. He then related how we have spiritual coaches (parents, teachers, prophets, etc.) who prepare us for challenges and help us. “Prophets are like the newspaper from heaven,” he taught me. I loved the lesson and was touched to see how well he has been taught and understands the gospel. What better gift can you give your children than a knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ and his gospel and his plan of happiness? What better preparation to confront the challenges that will come?
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