(F)unhappiness: GMAT (Gray Matter Atrophying Today)

A few months ago we decided to use our spare time to study for the GMAT for fun- as opposed to being like the rest of the world who watch awesome TV shows. We ordered our study books and took the practice tests. I got whomped by my wife. Not that it’s a competition. I mean, not everything is a competition. ┬áBut if it was a competition, I would have felt whomped. I felt like Nigeria against the USA basketball team in the 2012 Olympics. Was it or wasn’t it a competition? Although I am not as humble as the Nigerian player that went and asked Kobe Bryant to autograph his shoe after losing the game 156-73, I have gone as far as asking for Michelle’s help when I don’t understand the concept from the book explanations, but no autographs, yet. I have limited the studying per day to 1/2 hour because to me it is mentally and emotionally draining. I am glad the GMAT was not a prerequisite of marriage. If it was up to Michelle we would study 1-2 hours/day. I’d rather watch Sesame Street or Mister Rogers.
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