2012 Epic Relay

I feel a deep desire to blog and post updates on Facebook about my life and family. After several months of not blogging and expressing to my wife my deep desire to be a consistent and regular blogger, she turned to me and said- “You’re busy living life and too busy to write about it. That is not a bad thing.” I heard, “Mike, you’re good at living life and not so good at being motivated or consistently writing about it- so why do you do it anyway??” That is a good question, and one I can’t really answer. I guess I’ll just start writing.
Anyway, my friend deleted their Facebook account because they were addicted to it, so maybe this post is for them, or maybe it is just so I can get rid of the feeling that I need to tell the world what has been going on in my life despite the fact that the world doesn’t read this. So here I go. You may get this post in segments.

Last weekend I ran the Epic relay. I couldn’t find the motivation to train regularly for it and my training consisted of a 1/2 marathon in March, a total of 4.5 miles in June ( a 3 mile run and then 1.5 mile run) and then a 10K on the 4th of July. In other words, I ran more in two days (16ish miles), than I had in the last 3 months. I used to think that doing and being able to do that was cool, that the event or the test or the vacation/destination was the only fun part and was all that mattered, and that the processes of planning, preparing, training, studying, working, and waiting, and struggling- were annoying tasks that should be skipped or shortcutted, avoided, and ignored if possible. I have learned and am still learning what my professor told me one day after class, “Michael, make sure the means justify the end.” I am seeking to find fun in the preparatory process, but it is something I struggle with. All my teammates in the Epic relay were great examples of preparing and enjoying the preparatory processes, and I am grateful for the good examples I have. 

Some highlights from that run. I ran 3 miles in an amazing lightning storm. Upon finishing, the whole race was suspended until the “dangerous” lightning storm had passed. I was no dummy though- I ran next to a girl that was 6 inches taller than me. My 8 mile morning run was right along the beautiful Snake River and a very enjoyable run. I know a run is super good when I take out my headphones just to enjoy the sound and sites of nature. The most amazing part of the run was just watching my teammates take care of each other. Even though all were sore and tired, they stopped and supported and cheered on the runner with all they had.

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