17 Day Challenge #1 – Journal Writing

We hear a lot of talks in church about writing in our journals, and I think most of us have it in the back of our minds as something we should do, but we still don’t write regularly and so we miss out on all the blessings that come from writing.

Throughout my life I have gone through spurts of journal writing. In 8th grade I made a pact with a friend and the 1st person to miss a day had to give the other a $.50 candy bar. I wrote for one year straight without missing a day, I can’t remember who won, or if he ever paid up, but I did learn that it is important to write every day. There is power in the consistency of writing every day, of being in the habit of writing something no matter how mundane and simple the entries seem. Even the little events after the passage of time, spark memories and help to piece together the puzzle of forgotten life.

Here is the challenge to anybody who wants to participate. Starting today, for 17 consecutive days write something, anything in your journal. Let me know if you are going to join me for this 17 day challenge. I’ll be posting some thoughts about journal writing.

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6 Responses to 17 Day Challenge #1 – Journal Writing

  1. Kimm Bingham says:

    I’m up for the challenge. I’m taking an institute class right now where the teacher has asked us to write down 5 blessings or ways God has touched my life each day. I’ve slacked on that, so I will work on that for my 17 days.

  2. Dan says:

    Mike, I love that you have big ideas about your big ideas! You are awesome! Can’t wait to meet Liam.

  3. mamabear says:

    I’m in, but I think I will add that I need to write something I am grateful for. Thanks for the challenge.

  4. admin says:

    As soon as we figure out this baby thing, we’ll have you guys over.

  5. Sherrie says:

    Interesting timing. I just made a commitment to the Lord (last night) to get up in the morning and prepare myself for the day with a good scripture study, no matter how much sleep the baby let’s me get. Your post has reminded me that I really need to add journal writing to that. The Lord’s part of the deal is to help my baby sleep! He just did 6 hours last night for only the second time of his 5 month life. Guess it’s my turn to hold up my end of the bargain…journal writing included! Thanks for the reminder (though I would argue 10 days might be enough!) :)

  6. Jared says:

    Count me in as well … 17 days isn’t that long, right?