The interest of late has been painting Jackson Pollock style. It was a lot of fun, I put a tarp all around my downstairs wall and carpet and then strategically splattered the paint on several of the canvases.

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5 Responses to Painting

  1. mamabear says:

    The joys of having your own house and I like the one on the left.

  2. Ashkii says:

    I’m fond of the one on the right. Nice job, I didn’t know anyone in the family had any artistic talent.

  3. mamabear says:

    Mike reminded us that when he was in grade school and came home with a drawing of a cougar we accused him of tracing it. With his parents artistic ability we couldn’t believe anybody that came from us could do anything but trace. Oh the things you kids remember.

  4. balega says:

    who says he actually painted those, it looks like he is just standing there to me. Suspicious????

  5. Heidi Gilbert says:

    Wow. Here I sit, wondering why I ever went to art school. :)